I love my daughter's visits to Dr. Hoffman's office. We never wait and the staff always greets us by name as we walk in the door. All of the staff is knowledgeable and very effective in communicating about the treatments. The atmosphere is warm, highly professional, courteous, and fun!


We had a great experience with our first daughter so it was a no brainer to come back to Dr. Hoffman and his staff.


I love the personal attention my family receives from the entire staff. They are friendly, upbeat, and work hard to accomodate our schedules.


I made a last minute appointment and they were able to get my retainer to me the same day since I had to leave town.


Wonderful staff and incredible patient care!


Awesome group of staff, friendly, willing to help in any way possible, they care about their patients, and their family's. Always in good hands


Hoffman Orthodontics is all time best Ortho EVA! From the moment you walk in the place, you feel welcomed and at ease. Getting braces and teeth work done is stressful and not the funnest thing on the planet to do. But at Hoffman Ortho, they make it fun. What other doctor office have a putting green in the room. I've been a patient of Hoff Ortho for 16 years. I went in at 13 to get braces on. I got them off at 14-the summer before freshman year of high school. I felt so empowered and happy to go into high school with a straight happy smile. I remember when I saw my school pictures, I almost didn't recognize myself. I didn't know straight teeth would give me such a confidence booster. Then, Senior year I won two superlatives in the yearbook- "Most Humorous" and "Best Teeth." I couldn't believe it?!?!? Best Teeth! Ha! It made me feel so super duper good. So you best believe when Hoffman said "Jordan - wear your retainer every night." I have. Every. Single. Night. Hoffman Senior was training Hoffman Junior 16 years ago. I went back in November 2018 to get a new retainer. Hoffman Junior was running the show, I couldn't believe how much time has past. And you know who else was still there??? Paulette Henchek!! What an absolute blessing it was to see her. She is the kindest woman in the world, next to my mom. In the conversation we had - we covered parenting, colorado vs. kansas, old memories, spirituality, the benefits of taking care of your teeth, and why a positive attitude makes the world a better place. If you need an orthodontist - DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER. Pick up your phone immediately and call Hoffman Orthodontics RIGHT NOW. It is the best place ever. And I've got 16 years of perfectly straight teeth to prove it.


Dr. Hoffman went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of, if I had to recommend an Orthodontist there is no doubt in my mind that the first name I'd say is Dr. K. Hoffman Orthodontics.
I called and did my research (as I always do) and this by far was the best decision I could've gone with as he personalizes the service and makes sure you are comfortable until the end.


Highly recommend! Awesome staff! Very helpful & punctual!


Dr. Hoffman is a friendly and positive person. He patiently takes the time to answer questions and explain what he is doing. His staff is very warm and welcoming. I won't miss my braces, but I will miss all of them!


Wow. What an amazing group of people!!! When I was apprehensive about getting braces, Dr. Kurt was more than reassuring that it was 100% my choice and to only do it only if I really wanted it. His staff are so knowledgable, friendly, and professional. They always put me at ease. The end result was a PHENOMENAL smile. My highest recommendation!


Dr Hoffman and all of his staff have been wonderful to work with. The office is always enjoyable to go to even though it is for braces. The before and after pictures of my kids are amazing. Thank you so much.


Great experience! Got my braces on at 55 and just got them off two years later. The outcome was excellent. Such a friendly place to spend two years! Dr. Hoffman and his staff are always professional and realistic.


I was referred to Dr. Hoffman by my dentist, Dr. Susan Cope. All of my options were explained in great detail so I felt comfortable with my decision from the start. Dr. Hoffman and ALL staff are wonderful! I never had to wait for my appointment (which was nice as I could get back to my job on time). The office is the perfect mix of professionalism and fun - every process or procedure was explained to me and the friendliness of the staff made my appointments fun (great music playing too!). Who though braces could be fun? I highly recommend!


These guys are legit. They've taken care of my wife and all of her kids over the years and now my daughter comes here. I wish I had as great of an orthodontist when I had braces as a kid!


I highly recommend Dr. Hoffman, I am a dental student and I have been to a lot of dental offices, his office is one of the best.